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The best boots I ever have had

The Deck crew on the Pacific Glacier bought the Thermo boots about 6 – 8 years ago and it’s the best boots I ever have had when it’s coming to grip and quality.
I work for a Fishing Company with over 300 employees and we go true a large amount of boots every year. 99% of the boots on the boat is Extra Tuff and they are garbage. They don’t last. The Deck crew on the Pacific Glacier bought the Thermo boots about 6 – 8 years ago and it’s the best boots I ever have had when it’s coming to grip and quality. They last and still using them.
What we like is to get some pricing on the Thermoboots and the regular green boots.
Best regards,
Lars Austnes from Seattle, Washington


۱۸۸۸: John Boyd Dunlop invents the pneumatic tyre
۱۸۹۶: Dunlop is registered as a trademark
۱۹۰۴: Hevea is founded: production of rubber products
۱۹۱۰: Introduction of the Dunlop golf ball
۱۹۱۷: Introduction of the Dunlop tennis racket
۱۹۲۷: Introduction of the Dunlop boot
۱۹۲۹: Introduction of the ‘Green Flash’ Dunlop tennis shoes, worn by Fred Perry
۱۹۵۰: Start of production of PVC boots in Portugal
۱۹۸۰: Hevea introduces Purofort boots
۱۹۹۶: Hevea buys Dunlop boots
۲۰۱۰: Start of sector approach: boots are optimised for specific sectors



“Functionality and an aesthetic design make the difference”
At Dunlop we believe that a good product design is not a compromise between form and function but rather a synergy! Thanks to the technologies we have developed, we are able to create the most complex designs that mutually increase comfort, protection and aesthetics. For instance, we manufacture the sole and shaft of the boot separately so as to bring about optimal function and design with various formulas.

Dunlop® Blizzard

Our latest product, made of PVC for those customers who need excellent grip and insulation in cold conditions.


Purofort® Terroir Pro

This classic design offers elegance. An ideal boot for a comfortable stroll in the outside air



Purofort® is the unique Dunlop® material with millions of evenly distributed air pockets making it lightweight and thermally insulating plus a cross-linked structure that provides flexibility and strength.

Purofort® guarantees you long-lasting comfort.





Acifort® is our top quality within the PVC range, where a formula we developed offers all-around protection in many different work situations. Many Acifort® models feature additional reinforcement for vulnerable parts, such as toes, the ankle and shinbone, and a number of models have even more safety features, such as antistatic properties. Acifort® work boots guarantee practical protection, supplemented by comfort and durability.
Acifort® boots offer the following advantages:
– Good resistance against wear and tear
– Excellent grip
– Very resistant to chemicals, blood, oil and grease
– Additional properties for some models










‘The unique Dunlop last is the secret behind our products’

Many of our end users work the entire day in our boots. Our aim is therefore to develop boots that provide support, fit well and keep an optimal climate in the boot.



When it comes to supporting the end user, the design of the shaft, the thickness of the material surrounding the ankle and the energy absorption of the heel and front of the foot are the elements that make the difference between a good and a bad boot. Tiredness of the feet, pain in the foot, knee or even hip is all due to bad support and absorption of energy with every step that the end user makes. The excellent properties of our Purofort® material ensures energy absorption that more than meets the specified requirements and makes a tangible difference.


The last is the foundation of the fit, and Dunlop boots are generally known for their great fit. Our lasts are the result of long-standing knowledge and have undergone an evolution in order to adapt to the slowly changing shape of the feet. We have developed a separate last for the female foot because it needs to be designed with a different size and shape than the one for men. We reap lots of benefits from our Purofort® material in the area of fit as well because we can make the material so flexible (while still allowing it to offer optimal protection) that it can easily adapt to the wearer’s anatomy.

  Climate control

Because Purofort® is a foam material, it has better breathing qualities by far compared to rubber and PVC. The standard cold insulation of the material is down to -20 Celsius, but the material properties are also advantageous in warm environments where the warmth is transported by the material. We can even guarantee cold insulation down to a temperature of -50 C with our Purofort®Thermo+ products.



“Dunlop Protective Footwear safeguards the safety of end-users”
Dunlop® Protective Footwear seeks to ensure the safety and protection of end-users in professional environments. Because every environment presents different conditions and dangers, we create products which offer the best protection for each sector: whether it’s the food sector where insulation against cold and sole grip are the most important features, or the agricultural sector where boots have to offer protection against mud, manure and heavy hooves.

Certification for boots
The boots that we supply are manufactured entirely to international standards. For Europe the Dunlop® boots comply with the latest European standards:

• EN ISO 20345:2011. Specifications for safety footwear for professional use equipped with toe protection. This standard stipulates the basic and additional (optional) requirements for safety footwear for professional use. This also includes methods to protect the user from injury as a result of potential accidents in the industrial environment for which the boots are designed.
• EN ISO 20347:2012. Specifications for work footwear for professional use. These boots do not feature toe protection.
For the American market Dunlop boots are tested in accordance with the ASTM standard. Dunlop boots for the Canadian market are tested and certified in accordance with the CSA provisions. And for the Australian market in accordance with the Australian standard: AS/NZ 2210.


Leading testing institutes

Dunlop works with leading external institutes such as TÜV Rheinland, HSL, ASTM, CSA and SATRA in order to ensure that our boots meet the highest certification standards.
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